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They say to pick one thing and do it well, but we’ve never been good at bending to the status quo. We’d rather explore our passions and give the world something interesting to drink. Whiskey rested in Syrah barrels? That’s a perfect infusion of spice, smoke and California sunsets? Hell, yes.

We make good whiskey, the kind that leaves people breathless and a little more in love with life. But we’re so much more than what’s in the glass.

Jackson McCrea is a movement. A well-being revolution. A gutsy journey for those who dare to wonder, “Can I have it all?”

We exist for you.

Creating a good life is not about earning your way, but about knowing who you are. And, sometimes, who you aren’t. It’s totally possible to be both ambitious and content. Step into whatever greatness exists within you, whether it’s in the boardroom or the smaller, quieter moments of a beautiful life. All vibes are allowed.

We believe caring about your life isn’t selfish and that joy should be uncomplicated. Living on purpose is a radical act, and it’s one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. You are meant for so much more than the small boxes society tries to put people in.

Let your dreams become known, and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Here’s to daring to stay strong. To being equal parts seeker and listener. To showing up with your own damn map so you can forge a more equitable future. Connection–the kind that comes from both seeing and being seen–is our greatest currency, so let’s start spending it. Freely and unapologetically.

Here’s to being fierce with your time but generous with your heart. To wanting big things but knowing that the best moments in life are rarely planned. To savoring the good whiskey instead of saving it for “someday.”


We’re here for it all. Welcome to Jackson McCrea.

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