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Yes! We're Crowdfunding.

Here's Our Story

Jackson McCrea is the first and only premium whiskey brand to unapologetically and meaningfully engage the women who love the spirit. Crafted by women, to be enjoyed by everyone. Jackson McCrea is named for its Co-Founders, Sheila Jackson & Natasha McCrea.

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Changing the Face of Whiskey

Jackson McCrea will literally change the face of whiskey. As  sales of whiskey soar – a boom led by women – women are still not being seen or meaningfully engaged by brands. More than 78% of the visuals used to represent whiskey brands, feature men. So we want to acknowledge the diversity of women who enjoy the spirit in moderation and in good health. Our goal is to reshape the imagery and story around women and whiskey.


Not Just for Women

We welcome everyone to enjoy Jackson McCrea Whiskey, including the men who “see us” and value the importance of inclusion and uplifting women’s voices - and who simply love good whiskey.



Sheila Jackson (left), Natasha McCrea (right)

Support Our 
Crowdfunding Campaign

We represent over 40 years of experience as entrepreneurs and curators of space for women. We had an idea and decided to build the damn thing!


Of the 69 TRILLION DOLLARS of venture capital and private equity funding, only 1.3% goes to women and people of color COMBINED. We knew we would need to be creative in our funding efforts.

So we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help support the cost of production, oak barrels, the purchase of glass/bottles, labels, marketing expense, storage and anything else these dollars can cover.

We recently approved the signature recipe for Jackson McCrea Whiskey. Support us in sharing it with the world!

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